Agnes specialises in individually hand crafted stained glass lamps. Each stained glass lamp is commissioned to meet the individuals colour, style and taste requirements. Each lamp produced, being hand crafted, is therefore unique. Using beautiful high quality glass, some sourced from the oldest glass manufacturers in America.

Design and technique make each lamp an elegant piece to treasure. Tiffany style lamps are crafted from their own mould using glass, copper foil and solder. The lamps can be made in various sizes, from 7 inch diameter to 20 inch diameter, depending on your requirements.

The number of individual pieces used in a lamp, can range up to 2500, which demonstrates Agnes’ skill in stained glass making. The price of the indiviual lamps is dependant on size, number of pieces, colour of the glass and stand chosen by the customer.

Price range starts from €150.00 excluding VAT.

In addition to lamps, Agnes can make a number of other unique pieces including light catchers, glass for outside lanterns, table light holders, ceiling shades, mail and serviette holders.

Contact Agnes to arrange your own commission or quotation.